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Dhikala is the most famous zone in Corbett National Park. It is located inside the jungle, 36 km from Dhangari Gate and 50 km from Ramnagar City, and is situated on the bank of the Ramganga River, which makes this place more beautiful. Dhikala Zone is managed by the forest department of Corbett National Park and provides an opportunity for visitors to stay and do the camel ride inside the forest for the day. Dhikala Forest Rest House has two canteens inside the campus for refreshments and food. Apart from 32 rooms, Dhikala Forest Lodge also has 2 dormitories with 12 beds in each. Bathrooms are common in the dormitories. All 32 rooms at Dhikala Forest Lodge have attached bathrooms and running hot (solar) and cold water. The campus of Dhikala Forest Rest House is located in the core area of Corbett National Park. The food in Dhikala Night Stay is not a problem, as there are two canteens within the lodge's premises. One of them is run by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam, which is run by the tourism department of Uttarakhand and offers buffet meals. Another option is a private canteen with an a la carte menu.

Dhikala forest Rest house has one of the most beautiful views, which visitors enjoy.Dhikala is the most famous wildlife park in India, and it is full of flora and fauna. There are six different zones in Corbett National Park: Jhirna, Dhela, Durga Devi, Garjiya, Bijrani, Phato, and Sitavani, but the most famous and preferable zone is the Dhikala zone. Dhikala safari zone is the most preferred one as it lets you sight more animals and birds in Jim Corbett Park.

There are many accommodations available in Jim Corbett Park, like in Dhela, Jhirna, Phato, Garjiya, etc., but Dhikala Zone is the biggest to explore. A night spent in the dense jungle is an exciting experience.The Dhikala Forest Lodge and Forest Rest/Guest House are the perfect places to stay for taking a break from city life and enjoying the nature and wilderness of Jim Corbett.
Dhikala Forest Lodge is the only lodge that has fewer electrical problems than the other zones, making it ideal for families and the safety of its visitors.Solar wire fencing surrounds the campus stay area at Dhikala Forest. Dhikala Zone Night Stays are divided into different forest lodges inside the Dhikala zone so that you can explore more parts of the Dhikala zone, which provides accommodations in Gairal forest lodge, Sarapduli forest lodge, Sultan forest lodge, and Khinnanauli forest lodge as well.


A Dhikala Night Stay Booking needs to be made 60 days before to your visit date, and 90 days prior for international visitors, if you're looking for the ideal location to spend the night in the forest and take in the surroundings then Dhikala Night Stay Packages are ideal for you.

The Dhikala Forest Lodge Online Booking can be reserved through the official government website. You will need to provide all of your information, including your name, age, gender, and the room sharing type, and you will be given a FRH inside the forest according on availability. A stunning environment at Dhikala draws a large number of visitors each year. Even travelers from around the globe travel here to witness the rich variety of flora and fauna.

The online portal holds Dhikala Zone Booking for various FRH, and because it is popular, it sells out within the first 30 minutes of the website's launch. Dhikala offers two canteens from which you may choose food based on your preferences and availability, as well as online booking for one night combined 2 Jeep safaris in one day.

The major attraction of Dhikala Zone in Jim Corbett National Park is The Royal Bengal Tiger, which is a very shy and rare animal. It is very hard to get a glimpse or a good view of the Royal Bengal Tiger. More than 250 Royal Bengal Tigers can be found in Jim Corbett National Park. which is much larger in numbers than any other national park in the world. Aside from the Royal Bengal Tiger, you will also be able to see hog deer, sambhar deer, spotted deer, barking deer, common langur, rhesus macaque, wild boar, crocodiles, Asiatic elephants, gharials, snakes, and other wildlife animals in the Dhikala Zone. Rear-range birds such as yellow-throated martins, bulbuls, bird tigers, kingfishers, and woodpeckers have been spotted. Jim Corbett has over 500 bird species. Dhikala Zone is a popular destination for bird watchers and wildlife photographers who enjoy capturing the various species of birds and animals with their large lenses of cameras. Wildlife lovers love to visit Jim Corbett as often as they can.

Dhikala Forest Lodge booking is done through the official government online booking portal by visitors who know how to book, or they can contact a tour consultant who knows how to book correctly because getting the availability of Dhikala FRH is too difficult due to the traffic that the website experiences at the time of booking.Visitors can opt for a maximum three-night stay in the Corbett Dhikala Tour Package in Jim Corbett National Park.In order to reach Dhikala Zone Forest Lodge, guests have to enter through the Dhangarhi gate. As soon as the vehicle crosses the Dhangari Gate, they can get an idea of the beauty of Dhikala Forest. The journey from Dhangarhi to Dhikala campus is very adventurous and thrilling, which provides such joy and many opportunities to view wildlife. It is recommended to book the entry permit for the Dhikala Forest Lodge in advance as it is highly popular amongst visitors from India as well as from abroad.

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge has 25 rooms and two dormitories, each with 12 beds.25 rooms are further divided into 5 categories.

  • Old Forest Rest House: 5 rooms
  • New Forest Rest House: 4 rooms
  • Annexe:  7 rooms
  • Hutment: 6 rooms
  • Cabin: 3 rooms

Gairal Forest Lodge

Gairal Forest Lodge has 6 rooms and 1 dormitory with 8 beds. Six rooms are further divided into two categories. Old Forest Rest House and New Forest Rest House

  • Old Forest Rest House: 2 rooms
  • New Forest Rest House: 4 rooms

After Dhikala Lodge, Gairal Lodge is the most popular forest lodge amongst visitors. Gairal Forest Lodge is located on the banks of the Ramganga River. Gairal Forest Lodge has electricity for a few hours in the evening via a generator.

Sarapduli Forest Lodge

  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge has 2 standard rooms and 1 dormitory with 3 beds.
  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge is located on the way to Dhikala Lodge from Dhangari Gate. The most centrally located rest house facing the Ramganga river at Dhikala Zone is Sarapduli Lodge. Due to its proximity to the river, Sarapduli Forest Lodge is more likely to see tigers and elephants. Sarapduli Forest Lodge is the best place to see crocodiles and birds.

Sultan Forest Lodge

  • Sultan Forest Lodge has two standard rooms.
  • Sultan Forest Lodge is the first lodge you will come across when you drive from Dhangari Gate to Dhikala Lodge. Sultan Forest Lodge has only two rooms. Solar fencing is not around Sultan Forest Lodge. It is named after Sultan Sot, a seasonal stream that runs through the area. 
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